Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. When is the parade?
A: The Parade is on JUNE 18, 2019

Q: What if it rains?
A: The parade goes rain or shine

Q: When Should I arrive if I am in the Parade?
A: While the Parade begins at 6:00 PM., all participants are required to REPORT BETWEEN 4 and 5 PM!!

Q. Where does the parade set up?
A. Wadsworth High School

Q. How long is the Parade
A: The parade route is approximately 2.5 miles and runs from the High School to Isham Elementary School.

Q. Are we permitted to throw Candy to the kids?
A: Candy should be distributed by walkers only as close to the curb as possible so as to keep young children from coming close to the moving vehicles.

Q. Can my Unit stop to perform in front of the judges.
A. No. No unit should fail to keep up with the unit ahead of them to perform, converse with spectators or for any other reason. These cause large gaps in the parade which is the top complaint of viewers.