Merchant Alley

In 2018 we expanded to Merchant Alley with great success! This allows merchants to display their services on the festival grounds for improved awareness of the goods and services being offered. Each exhibitor space is approximately 12x12 in size, allowing for you to put up a 10x10 tent. If you need a larger space you are able to book 2 spaces!

This year’s festival will take place at Memorial Park, Wadsworth, Ohio. Merchant Alley will run from June 18th -June 22nd, 2019. You must be present 6 PM - 9 PM each night. However, you may stay till closing each night, as well, should you choose. Tent setup may begin Tuesday at 2 P.M. Spaces must be set up & complete by 5:45 PM.

Back by request!! Merchants please plan to provide your donated raffle basket on Tuesday 6-18-19.

2019 prices are:

  • Early Registration by May 3rd $135.00 for Tuesday thru Friday. Balance due received in full by May 3rd , 2019.

  • Late Registration after May 3rd through June 1st $145.00

  • No refunds for cancellations provided after May 17th. Cancellations prior to May 17th are entitled to a 50% refund.

Please let us know upon booking so we can properly schedule spacing appropriately.

Please be aware no security is provided.

Please provide information below on your company, contact information and what services you would like to contribute to Merchant alley. Due to food vendor contracts we are not allowed to accept any merchants who plans to sell food products which will compete with the event. Once we receive your request for interest we will review your information and if accepted we will send you a contract to fill out and then your on your way!

For 2020 you will be able to request a spot as of August 1st, 2019. Any requests please complete form below. We will be trying to limit one merchant vendor per service provided and it will be booked on a paid first come first serve basis.

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