The Blue Tip Festival is a five day celebration of the Wadsworth, Ohio community.  It starts with a world class parade and the lighting of a giant, twenty foot blue tip match which lights downtown Wadsworth during the festival's duration.  The festival then offers attendants their choice of amusement rides, festival foods, midway games, contests, and other entertainment.  Additional events like the Wadsworth Running Club's "Matchstick 4 Mile" foot race achallenge area athletes to shine.  Special events over the years have included passenger train rides on the Blue Tip Express, Community Challenges between local organizations, big top circus performances, paint ball shooting ranges, pony rides, bingo tents, and assorted musical performances.  Each year the Festival tries bring a hint of novelty to mix in with its annual parade and carnival tradition.  The year 2009 will mark the 37th annual Blue Tip Festival.

    The Blue Tip Festival takes its name from the historic strike-anywhere blue tip matches which were once manufactured in Wadsworth, Ohio.  While the match manufacturing business left Wadsworth in the 1980s, the Blue Tip Festival has retained the match name and the use of its giant match as both a nod to our community's past and as a celebratory icon of the modern American community that is Wadsworth.  Today, the Festival is run by a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers, affectionately referred to as the Blue Tip Festival Committee.  The time, talent, and dedication of these volunteers, as well as that of dozens of area groups, businesses, organizations and individuals, keeps the Blue Tip Festival tradition going year after year, all while distributing thousands of dollars of proceeds to Wadsworth area non-profit groups.  


    In addition to being an annual Wadsworth area community celebration, the Blue Tip Festival is a fund raiser designed to benefit public programs and charitable organizations which serve the Wadsworth area community. Whether providing seed money to help a summer reading class get started or donating funds to an established food assistance program, the Blue Tip Festival´┐Żs goal is to aid service organizations which help enrich our neighborhoods, community, and lives.

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    Non-profit programs and organizations interested in applying to receive Blue Tip Festival funds are invited to provide the Blue Tip Festival with a letter explaining a little bit about the applicant, how its operations serve the Wadsworth area community, and identifying how donated funds would be used. Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide express fund requests and examples of how funds will be used, as opposed to generic fund requests not earmarked for any particular purpose. Application letters should be mailed to: Blue Tip Festival, Inc., P.O. Box 778, Wadsworth, Ohio 44282.

    The 2009 deadline for the Blue Tip Festival to have received fund request letters is September 29, 2009.


The 2013 Blue Tip Festival is non-profit organization run by an all volunteer committee:

Duane Montgomery                                          

Paul Weekley                                         Tom Morris                                Michael Leavitt (PRESIDENT)

Frank Collins  (TREASURER)                      Dwight Powers                            

Karen Reid  (VICE PRESIDENT)               Bill Conover                                    Bev Long

Tim Cole                                                Megan Cole                             

Gary Williams                                       Sue Williams                                COLLEEN Schadewald

    Persons interested in helping with or serving on the Blue Tip Festival Committee should call 1-800-860-9289 and leave a message.  Thank you, volunteers, for your dedication and service to our community!

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